We offer free consultations for your garments and items to recommend the best method of cleaning. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your laundering needs to make life easier for you.


Dry Cleaning

We offer next day service for traditional dry cleaning items. 

wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is an eco-friendly, safer alternative to dry cleaning. It is truly an organic method of cleaning. We wet clean on premises with special conditions to minimize shrinkage and prevent fading. Wet cleaning makes your whites brighter. Wet cleaning is available for all garments


Hand Washing

We individually hand wash items requiring special care using special solvents and conditioners. Hand washing is extremely gentle on delicate items.


We launder and press men’s shirts for $2.25 a piece. Same day service is available for drop-offs before 9 AM.

We take pride in the quality and affordability of our shirts. We inspect every shirt, checking for broken buttons and stains.

Wash & Fold

We offer full-service Wash & Fold is $1.50 per pound with a minimum of seven pounds (about half a laundry basket). Same day service is available for drop-offs before 10 AM.

Alterations & Tailoring

Our tailor has over 40 years of experience. He is proficient in performing a variety of alterations within a short turnaround including but not limited to: hems, fixing stitching or ripped jeans, tapering, prom and bridesmaid dress alterations, and zippers.

Please inquire for any other or unusual requests.

Our tailor is available from 7 AM - 12 PM daily.

Household Items

We clean a variety of household items including blankets, duvet covers, comforters, bed linens, sheets, curtains, and draperies, and table cloths. You name it, we clean it! Not only do we remove tough stains, we use a special detergent called EVO8 that kills bacteria, germs, allergens, mold and odor.

Specialty Items

We are your go-to cleaners for soft goods and items needing special attention.

wedding Dresses

We take special care of cleaning your wedding gowns. We can also restore wedding dresses that have yellowing effects.

Suede and leather

We clean delicate materials like suede and leather. Our process not only cleans but also restores and preserves natural oils. We will protect your suede and leather from further wear and tear and keep them looking new.


We clean UGGs. UGGs require special attention to preserve their longevity. We will help keep your UGGs in top condition.

Damaged items (Smoke, mold, water damage)

We’re always ready to help when disaster hits. We use special, non-invasive cleaning methods for smoke damage, mold damage, or water damage. We specialize in removing odors, bacteria, and stains.

Stain Removal

We can remove the toughest stains including but not limited to: oil, grease, wine, coffee, ink, blood, mold, dirt, grass, pet, and food stains. We use natural methods that preserve the integrity of your garments.

Seasonal Storage

We offer free seasonal storage and cleaning. Please inquire for more details about storage options.

Pick-up & Delivery

We offer weekly pick-up and delivery services to Red Bank, Rumson, Fair Haven, and Shrewsbury within a 5-mile radius. Please inquire for more details about delivery.